Strayer University Leadership Values and Effective Leaders Paper

Ineedassistancewiththe project below. I will create the video but can you answer the questions so I can create the video.

For this assignment, you will apply the key concepts from Weeks 1- 3 to deliver a video message on your leadership values, executive presence, or what winning means to you. The video message will provide an opportunity for you to practice your executive presence and interpersonal communication skills. While you record your video, you will also be delivering your message to an audience. You will find there is a difference between speaking to a camera and speaking to another person. As a leader, you will speak to many people every day. This should be a video of just you. No PowerPoint or other props are needed. Your communication should be clear with main points that are simple and easy to recall. Embrace a tone that is professional, reflecting your leadership values and passionate purpose.

Create a short video, using Zoom, addressing one of the three prompts below. Your video should last 1 to 3 minutes, but no longer than 3 minutes. Use your interpersonal communication skills and speak with executive presence. See the Best Practices below to guide you in achieving this. Deliver and record your presentation to an audience consisting of at least one person over the age of 18. Your audience member may join you on Zoom or in person. Suggested audience members include a classmate, a friend, or a family member. If you are unable to find an audience member, you may present to your professor. Whether your audience member is in-person or on Zoom, please make sure to face the camera and look into your webcam as you present. If your audience member is in person, they can say hi or wave at the camera before you begin; they can sit behind the camera or next to it, but they do not have to be on screen while you present.

Choose one of the topics below:

1. Identify 1-3 leadership values that are most important to you. Explain the reasons for their importance, using the below questions as a guide:

a. Why are these values important to you?

b. As a leader, why are these values essential for effective communication?

c. How do these values impact/support your executive presence?

2. Discuss a business leader (other than Jack Welch) who exhibits executive presence.

a. In what ways does this leader exhibit executive presence?

b. What aspects of their executive presence appeal to you? Why?

c. How does your leadership style compare to this leader’s?

3. Jack defines winning as, “Growing yourself, your organization, and your teams.” Describe what winning means for you.

a. What does winning look like for you?

b. Why is it important to you?

c. How do your leadership values support winning for you?

Executive Presence and Strategic Communication Best Practices:

Remember to focus on utilizing and exhibiting the following:

Speak directly to the camera

State your intent and purpose at the onset

✓ Speak confidently, expressively, with passionate purpose and energy

Be authentic and fully present in an engaging manner

Build a connection with your audience

Your communication must be organized, flow logically, and use “beginnings and endings”

Introduce yourself at the beginning and thank your audience for listening at the end

Aside from having strong content, your appearance must demonstrate professionalism in the following ways:

✓ Exude your executive presence by looking professional (business casual or business attire)

✓ Make sure your background is free from clutter; you do not want to distract your audience

✓ Make sure your surroundings are quiet (e.g., no children, animals, cars, music, or other extraneous

noise in the background)

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