Strayer University Week 5 Disney Crisis Discussion

I need assistance in answering the discussion question below. Please use in-text citation and included a reference list. I have attached the course materials and included a link to the YouTube video for the assignment.

Tackling a Crisis Head-on

This week, we will be starting our work on Assignment 2. Go to The Wall Street Journal menu item and find an article about a crisis that occurred at a specific organization in the last year. Your company could be in the transportation, healthcare, retail, sports and entertainment, or nonprofit sectors.

Considering the course materials for this week, answer the following:

Describe the crisis faced by the organization.

What communication tactics did the organization use to address its crisis? Refer to both Jack and Warren’s guidance for dealing with crises.

To what extent, if any, was the organization’s crisis communication plan effective?

If you were a senior leader in the organization, would you have responded differently? Why or why not?

This week and next, continue to research this specific crisis so that you can better prepare for Assignment 2.

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