SU Government Needs Discussion

Read chapter 6 . Submit a 1-2 page reflection discussing the following questions. Be sure to support your answers by incorporating your readings and at least 1 additional source (website, journal article, book) in your answer. Your reflection must demonstrate critical thinking and understanding of the material.

1. Do you feel that children and families living in poverty should be supported by the government? If so, to what extent and under what circumstances? If not, why not?2. Should public assistance recipients be required to work? If so, what do you think this requirement should be?

the national policies.
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(p. 45). Massaged can
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trolling costs. Mean
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managed care. M
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workers can actor
Porn Ol nedical aid to people anywhere in the
world who are in direst need and speaking out on
peoples behalf about neglected crises, concealed
human rights abuses, and inappropriately restric-
monic forces on social service organizations,
LO6-7 Explain the impact of social and eco-
Social service organizations function within
the larger macro environment and must respond
to shifting social and economic forces. Resources
and funding may be limited. Policies and regula-
tions detennine what agencies can do. Social
semice organizations may be pressured to conform
LO 6-8 Describe how federal social legisla-
bion. Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
(TAVF), and managed care impact agency
senice provision
TANF replaced Aid to Families with Depen-
dent Children (AFDC) as one primary means of
reducing poverty. Major issues include adequacy
of funding, time limits, provision of child care,
to public expectations
LO 6-9 Answer
Critical thin
ous aspects of
time limits, we
education and
among states
tance system
LO 6-10 PT
may arise i
hand, and
sent, and
Looking Ahead
This chapter addressed social service organiza-
tional settings, goals, and contexts in the macro
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and speaking out on
exted As, concealed
mappinepriately restric-
education and training for better jobs, job quality
and availability, and equitability of benefits among
Managed care is a health care delivery system
orgamzed to manage cost, utilization, and qual-
ity” (, 2017, p. 1). These include
decisions about the need for and appropriateness
of such things as tests, medical procedures, and
treatments provided by health care staff. Mooney,
Knox, and Schacht (2015) explain that managed
care involves “insurance companies monitoring
and controlling the decisions of health care pro-
viders…. [by requiring] doctors to receive approval
before they can hospitalize a patient, perform
surgery, or order an expensive diagnostic test”
(p. 45). Managed care has become an integral part
of social work practice in many fields. Managed
care organizations attempt to retain quality by con-
trolling costs. Means of controlling costs include
capitation, gatekeeping, and utilization manage-
ment. Physicians and patients generally feel that
health care has declined since the advent of
managed care. Managed care will likely continue,
although many difficult issues are involved. Social
workers can actively advocate for improvements.
LO 6-9 Answer various critical thinking questions.
Critical thinking questions focused on vari-
ous aspects of TANF (including public support,
time limits, work requirements, working mothers,
education and training, job quality, equitability
among states, and restructuring the public assis-
tance system,
of social and eco-
ce organizations.
sfinction within
at and must respond
mc fartus. Resources
and regula-
escan de Social
pressured to conform
I social legisla-
Needy Families
mpact agency
milies with Depen
LO 6-10 Provide examples of ethical issues that
may arise in managed care.
Ethical issues in managed care include the
pntentral clash between gatekeeping on the one
hand, and client self-determination, informed amm-
sent, and client confidentiality on the other
many means of
indude adequacy
tour of amid care
ent. The mest unter will expire

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