Strategies based on low prices: the best attraction Foeman.Com is low prices and although it has worked, customers could be attracted by others stores that could provide better deals.
Distribution: increase the variety of products and geographical position may present numerous difficulties in the distribution.

Growth: the growing foeman. M is not the best, except by extraordinary events such as Harry Potter releases or the most recent audio book reader.
Delivering: all along Amazon.Com has offered free delivering in order to gain customers, nonetheless this strategy is expensive and not necessary stable. Amazon. Com makes people wait days to receive books that they can obtain instantly from their neighborhood bookstores.
Pre-ordering: increasing pre-ordering of products (customer pay before the item is available and Amazon. Com pay the supplier Just after they release the product) is a retreat business.
Furthermore Amazon.Com receive the money in advance as well as charging prices that tend to be higher in earliest days. Various providers include other stores such as Toy R Us, Circuit City, Office Depot, Whist and so forth. It may allow Amazon. Com to include new products in line to improve services and the image of the brand (Amazon. Com).
Web services: techniques of companies such as Linux or Backbone.Com, where third parties can access to technical contents in order to improve and develop their applications, could allow Amazon. Mom to innovate the littoral without incurring massive investments.
International markets: the rapidly growth of use of internet and broadband throughout countries (including countries with real presence) would allow Amazon.Com to expand the brand to international markets.
Competence: the e-commerce field has evolved rapidly and it is highly competitive, companies such as eBay, Wall-Mart, and Google (see appendix D) are a constant
SWOT By Mimickers to maintain an important inventory; this could be risky due to the fact that demand of products is constantly changing.
Performance: the company has to demonstrate and justify the high value that others have given to into the financial market.
Lack of confidence: from individuals to buy online, countries where use of internet is not as common as in developed countries, consumers may present a lack of confidence to process their bank details online, for example, in most of the South American countries, eBay (named Ineradicable.Com for South America and Spain) present serious problems with customer payments due to the fact that in various countries, there is no regulation for online payments (Individuals do not trust sells online). Read about PlayStation SWOT

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