SYD 3800 Florida State University Sociology Discussion

10:55Assignment Details
(SYD3800-0001.sp22) Sociology of Sex and Gender
Discussion 8: Gender in Photos
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Apr 22, 2022 at 11:59 PM
Submission Types
Discussion Comment
Submission & Rubric
Attach your two photos to your post. For each photo, you should
do the following:
1. Include a title
2. Describe what is happening in the photograph.
1. You may want to include any important details about what
was happening before/after/during the captured image,
particularly anything that is not included in the picture.
2. How were you feeling when you took the photo? How do you
feel now reflecting back on it? Did anything surprise you or
stand out to you when you taking the photo?
1. Explain how the photograph connects to the course using
theory, concepts, readings, statistics, or other materials.
Examine if and how your photograph challenges, supports,
qualifies, and/or builds upon what you’ve learned in class.
our discussion of each photo will be worth 40 points.
our response(s) to other people’s posts will be worth 20 points.
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