Tallahassee Community Gender Neutral Education Question

everything needed for the assignment is in the file. i need it answered in a Q & A format so

#1 then the answer

#2 then the answer, so on and so forth all the way to number 5

there is a video to watch that you can just click from the file

IE7 – Gender Neutral Education?
12 points for 300 words due by the beginning of class on Tuesday, March 29.
The U.S. values equality of opportunity, including among the genders. But there’s evidence that
the way some adults define gender, whether they be parents, teachers, or in media productions,
serves to impose gender stereotypes on children, which ultimately limit the lives of the men and
women they become. In a 2021 report by the World Economic Forum, the U.S. ranked 30th
among all the world’s countries in terms of achieving gender equality. In response, some people
call for raising and educating boys and girls in a more similar, or gender neutral way. Watch at
least the first 11 minutes of the video blow on such an effort in the United Kingdom (feel free to
watch the entire documentary, but you don’t have to do so on to complete this assignment):

Watched the start of the video? Ok, keep it in mind as you imagine this proposal: The
elementary school your child attends sends you a letter announcing their adoption of a
similar gender neutral education. Among the changes: 1) all school texts and videos will
portray boys and girls and men and women equally, doing similar activities and jobs; 2) a
gender neutral role model program will be introduced, in which an equal number of stay-athome Moms, stay-at-home Dads, working fathers, and working mothers, will be invited to
tell boys and girls about their jobs and/or their role in housework and child care; 3) there
will be new policies against gender-related bullying, teasing, or name-calling. To bolster that,
students will learn about domestic violence and homophobia; 4) the use of gendered labels
and pronouns will be discouraged and teachers will use and encourage children to use
individual names or “they” in place of “he” and “she’” 5) finally, students will be discouraged
from dividing into gender segregated groups during play time or recess, and boys and girls
will be encouraged to play together. The letter concludes: “We believe that children need to
be discouraged from believing that boys do one thing, and girls do another. This
contributes to gender-based inequalities in our society. We want all girls and boys to see
their similarities, better respect each other, and feel comfortable with diverse possibilities
of gender.”
Now, address these questions in your short essay:
1) How might girls and boys be limited by traditional gender socialization?
2) Would you want your children to take part in this gender-neutral education? Why or why not?
3) Would you support some activities rather than others? Which ones and why them?
4) Is gender socialization something schools should be doing, or should schools simply follow along
with whatever parents teach their kids about gender?
5) What does your reaction to this assignment tell you about your own conception of gender roles?

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