Title: Artistic Freedom of Speech l. Introduction A. Attention-getter: One in five U. S. adults now has a tattoo. Tattoos have been around for centuries and have different purposes all around the world. B. Significance: After my speech, the audience will have a better knowledge on why people get tattoos. C. Credibility: I have researched information based on this topic. D. Thesis Statement: To inform my audience on the reasons people get a tattoo and discuss some examples. E. Preview: A. Honor B. Religion C. Obsession II. Body A.
The Samoan Islands have a long history of tattooing that dates back to encourages here the word tattoo is believed to have originated from. Hinduism tattooing and there is no prohibition. However, in Islam, tattoos are not only from being at peace with forbidden but they are believed to “prevent someone god. ” 2. Some people get religious tattoos Just to snow ott their beliets. These people were not forced by their religion to get a tattoo. Some examples include: Christianity- crosses, bibles verses, rosary, or images of God or other religious figures. Judaism- Star of David or hebrew writing, Buddhist- buddhas or lotus flowers.
Transition: We now know why people get tattoos for dedication or religious urposes. C. Finally, another reason why people get a tattoo is because of obsession. 1 . People will become so obsessed with someone or something, that they will go as far as to getting it tattooed on their skin. For example, someone obsessed with the zodiac might go get their zodiac symbol tattooed on them. Someone obsessed Michael Jackson, might get his face or song with a cartoon or celebrity such as lyrics tattooed on themselves. 2. Tattoos are also favored for making a fashion statement. Someone obsessed with permanent makeup.

If you beauty might get cosmetic tattooing, also known as sing real tattoo ink. A lip tattoo make your lips look thicker. have faint eyebrows, you can get them filled in can add definition to the lip outline and your more. 3. Another form of obsession involving tattoos could be that once you get first tattoo, you want to go back to the tattoo shop and keep getting Transition: I have now informed you and on three reasons why people might get tattoos. As well as discuss some examples to help the audience understand. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 11′. Conclusion Many people get tattoos for different reasons.

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