1200 words Minimum 
APA style Citations 

Your supervisor is concerned about your organization’s public image after reading a couple of articles on organizational public image (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and consumer conscience (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.*. For this assignment, you are being asked to prepare a report on how your industry (AGRICULTURE) is perceived by the public (its public image), especially as it intersects consumer conscience (how consumer choices are influenced by ethical beliefs). To accomplish this task, you will need to locate recent articles on how your industry is perceived by the public, identify strengths and weaknesses for the industry based on these perceptions, and recommend specific actions or activities your organization should consider to capitalize on the strengths of its public image and compensate for or correct weaknesses. You may also survey the public for additional information, though that is not required. Your report can focus on the industry at large or a specific sector or issue within the industry.
* Note:  Your instructor may vary the topic for this assignment OR may allow students to pitch their own ideas.
The technical report will have the following sections:

Situation (Background)
Considerations (Recommendations)
References (you will need at least 5 high quality sources for this assignment)

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