Terms and Conditions are very important as they avoid any dispute between a company and its customers. Terms govern your access and use of our website. Ensure you carefully go through these Terms before you request for our services. If you disagree with any part of these terms, please de-activate your account and do not request for any of our services.

By ordering any service from us, you agree to be bound to these Terms and Conditions. You declare and warrant that you have a full legal authority to enter these terms of use and to be legally bound by them.

1. Order Placing and Registration

The first step in placing your order is by filling the order form that is found on our website. In case of any challenges, do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.

The order form is where you get to specify the scope of work, delivery terms, and order parameters. It is your responsibility to ensure you provide full, final and exact information.

If you are a first-time customer, you will be requested to register with us to create a personal account on our website. In the process of registration, you will give us your name, phone number, and email. Either your name or email address or both will be used as your username for our website. You will then create a strong password for your account. It is your responsibility to update any detail in your account in case of a change.

You are not allowed to create multiple accounts by changing any personal details. You should always use the account you created when you placed your first order. If we find out that you have opened several accounts, all your orders’ history will be transferred to your first account and the other accounts will be deleted.

2. Order Payment and Discounts

The price for your order will be calculated according to our current pricing and the amount should be paid in advance. We only start working on your order once payment has been made and authorized. The total amount to pay for your order depends on the order deadline, the number of pages, order complexity, field of study and academic level.

You can make payments through any of the available payment methods as indicated in our “pricing page”. Ensure you check for the available payment method during the time of making payments on our website.

For long orders such as dissertations, you can request to make payments in installments but you will have to pay a service fee that will be agreed upon. For dissertations, each part is delivered upon completion. In this case, you pay for each part before the writer starts working on it. This means that the part is only delivered if it has been paid for.

It is our responsibility to ensure we provide equal access to discount and bonus program information to all our clients without an exception.

If you decide to stop working with us, you will receive a partial or full refund according to our “money-back guarantee” for any unfinished business. In case of a refund, we will not be held responsible for any bank transfer fees, delays or transfer anomalies.

3. Order Process

Order validation- Once you pay for your order and the payment is authorized, we will check the order form to ensure it was filled according to the instructions you had provided manually. In case of a mismatch, we reserve the right to alter the instructions. We can also contact you for clarification.

Order volume- You must give the order volume in terms of the number of pages or number of words. 275 words for a one page double-spaced and 550 words for one page single-spaced.

Change of order details- You can only change order details if a writer has not started working on your order. If the change affects the order complexity, volume, or urgency, you will be requested to pay an additional fee.

Resources- For any materials you need the writer to use in processing your order, ensure you upload them with your order form or you can specify these materials. If the materials are uploaded late, the writer might need extra time to complete your order. The materials can also be uploaded by pressing on the “files” button on your personal order page.

Communication- You can communicate with your writer using the special messaging on your personal order page. You can also contact our support team through email, phone call or live chat as we are available 24/7.

Progress tracking- You have the right to track the progress of your order. This can be done by checking on your personal order page regularly as this is where the status of your order is updated. You can also contact your writer or our support team for the update.

4. Order Delivery

It is our responsibility to deliver your order with all instructions carefully followed on or before the order deadline. Once your order has been completed it will be uploaded on your personal order page and an email notification sent to your email address.

Ensure you provide us with delivery channels as we will not be responsible for a wrong email address, spam filters, internet outages and negligence and failure of the client to provide communication channels and contact means.

It is your responsibility to review and download your order on time once it has been completed and uploaded to your personal order page.

To learn on your right for refund, please review our “Money-Back Guarantee”.

5. Order Revision

We can decline a revision request if the revision instructions are inconsistent or do not match the initial order instructions. You will have to pay an extra fee for the added instructions.

Your multiple revision requests might be declined or limited if the client behaves in a way that shows an intention to exploit the writer or where the revision request seems unreasonable.

Please read our “Revision Policy” to learn more.

6. Refund Policy

You can receive a refund upon request if any of your commitments are violated. To get more information on your right to a full or partial refund, please read our “Money Back Guarantee Policy”.

7. Use of our Services

Every product you receive from us must be for personal and non-commercial use only. The payment made is a reflection of the time and effort in researching and writing your paper. It also provides finances necessary for the maintenance and administration of our website to necessitate product delivery.

You do not have the right to modify, distribute, display, or reproduce any of the products you receive from us on the internet or as a hard copy for any purpose above the reasonable limit necessary for personal use.

8. Plagiarism

By placing your order with us, you agree to each of the following

  • We reserve the right to terminate or cancel any agreement, arrangement, or contract with any person who tries to pass any of the products received from us as their original work.
  • You will never share or reveal any of the products you receive from us to a third party.
  • Never to distribute any of the products you receive from us to third parties for payment purposes.
  • We have the right to refuse to work with you if we suspect that you have used any of the products received from us in a way that is inconsistent with these terms or the product has been plagiarized in any way.
  • All written products you receive from us should be used for research and reference purposes only or as a model or an example.
  • Data protection and security

We will never share your personal data with any third person. This information includes data that can be used to identify you as a natural person.

To get more information on how your data is collected, used and stored please read our “Privacy Policy”.

10. Warranties

When you decide to place your order on our website, you acknowledge that you have agreed to be bound by Terms stated on this page including the following;

  • For you to use entire parts from the papers delivered to you, they must be paraphrased and cited well.
  • Products received from us must be used as a model or an example to aid you in developing your own research paper.
  • You will never distribute any copies of the products you receive from us and you will destroy them immediately you are done using them.
  • Amendments
  • We have the right to modify or change any part of these Terms without prior notice to you or any other party
  • You must check and read these terms regularly to take note of any change made to the Terms.
  • After a change is made, it is our responsibility to notify of the change using any mode of communication that we deem more appropriate in the task.
  • Miscellaneous

You have no right to transfer any of your rights as stated in these Terms to any third parties. Our company has the right to transfer its rights under these terms in a case where we believe your rights will not be affected.

If you breach any of the Terms indicated on this page, a repeat of the same mistake in the future might not go unnoticed and thus it is important to ensure you respect all these Terms.

13. Limitation of Liability

We will not be responsible for any issue leading to a delay or limited access to our website or any of its services. In this case, we will try our level best to ensure we offer you as much help and support on our side.

We will not be responsible for any data loss on our network, PC or server.

We do not guarantee that any experience you get with us will always be error-free although we use trusted software.

Your access and use of our website might be suspended at any time for the repair, maintenance, and updating of our system purposes.

We will not be responsible for a poor grade for any of our clients. This is because the products we deliver to our clients are to be used as a model or for reference purposes.

If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of the order delivered to you, we will offer you a free revision as per our “Revision Policy”.

14. Termination

We have the right to terminate your right to access and use our website even after paying a full amount in any of the following cases

  • If any of the information you share with others during registration or one that is used to identify you contains misleading or false information.
  • If you fail to share with us some relevant information.
  • In case you fail to cooperate with our team in the process of processing your order.
  • If you are suspected of getting involved in fraudulent activities.
  • If you attempt to undermine or harm or website or other clients using the website.
  • If you breach any of the terms stated in this agreement.
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