The Condition of Jus Ad Bellum Reading Response

Your name:________________________
Author and title:
INSTRUCTIONS: You can fill this in either by hand or type your responses into the form, but either way,
you must fill up the entire form, and you can’t do so by quoting the author, giving your own opinions (except
in the section for your objections and comments), or making your writing as large as possible. If you type,
you can double-space. You must hand this in as a hard copy in class on the night we discuss the reading for
the first time. It won’t count if it is sent by email, or comes in later than that night, or it’s not filled up.
Author’s thesis:
List the author’s main arguments:
List the main objections the author discusses:
What objections or comments do you have on this reading, or on some part of it?

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