I watched Leisure damper (also called The Elixir of Love), a comic opera performed in two acts, created by the Italian composer Cottage Downsized in the nineteenth century. It was the most often performed opera in Italy between 1838 and 1848. The play showed the love triangle between the main characters. Merino, a young villager, was in love with the beautiful farm owner Adding. Unfortunately, he never knew how to get her attention; she was very indifferent and, apparently, she did not care about love at all.
Hopeless, Merino .NET to see the traveling quack doctor, Dulcimers, to ask him for a love potion that could make Adding fall for him. Things got worse when Sergeant Belcher arrived in town. He felt immediately attracted to Adding as well and asked the lady to marry him. Adding, to get revenge on Merino, accepted the proposal. Thenceforth, Merino had to try his best to clarify the situation and seduce the beautiful lady. To my eyes, the whole play was completely addictive and heart-wringing. Furthermore, I felt really involved with the characters and the ending was very satisfying.
The setting was extraordinary. Although It was always the same background, the light fixture and additional ornamentation made it look flawless all the time. There were also some visual effects that helped a lot to create appropriate situations, for Instance, the different times of the day. The costumes of the cast were totally accurate with the era that the play was trying to represent. They presented beautiful dresses for the ladies and elegant or humble outfits for the men, depending on their characters, of course. As for the music and the acting, I must admit I was massively Impressed.

I had never watched an opera before, but I had seen lots of plays. Nevertheless, this has been my favorite so far. The music was outstanding. Every time one of the cast members started to sing, I felt out of this world. They had an Impressive talent and vocal ability, and the orchestra also did an amazing Job. Moreover, the acting was superb. They were all really charming and committed. The cast had the power to bring me from laughter to tears In Just a second. Allele’s damper Is definitely an opera that I would go watch again If possible. It was terrific!

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