When I think of modernity I think of change. Modernity is the act of how and why things progress, move forth and new ideas emerge throughout history. It is also the effect of these changes. Such changes can be seen from about 1400 to now. It is these changes that have occurred that allow us to live in a post modern society. Modernity is the act of change throughout history.
Religion is constantly changing. This force unifies and separates people. Changes in religion occur for many reasons. Some may see any particular aspect of their religion overlooked and set out to tell people why we should reexamine our beliefs and change the method in which we worship. Martin Luther was on person who had seen how his method of worship should change. Ultimately he established a new form of Christian religion called Lutheranism. This movement and movements similar to his has changed the way some will worship for centuries.
Of all the things that bring about new ideas and change discovery has to be perhaps the most influential to change. There are two ways in which discovery is accomplished one is to search for something new and the other is to make findings purely be accident. Both methods of discovery often happen through observation. The finding of Charles Darwin and his observation of finches is one of the most influential and controversial discoveries of our time. If not for his observations science and religion would be very different than they are today.

If discovery leads to change then education must as well. Once education was only for the rich and powerful. But as education spread man has changed. Education has helped lead man to towards more knowledge changing how society and the individual thinks, acts, and socializes. This knowledge has allowed man to recreate him/her-self, it has given man the ability to logically act on choice and decide what is write or wrong. Many have said that education is the key. Believe this because imagine how many doors would still be locked without it.
Becoming a global civilization is also an important part of our society. This has often been a goal of main stream culture throughout most of history. Through trade we have succeeded. International trade has allowed the world to communicate with each other. It also gives all countries around the world an standard idea of many cultures, who they are, how to interact with these cultures, the value of many resources and product. It also allows us to share ideas, learn, and make friends and unfortunately make enemies with other cultures.
Technology has also changed our way and standards of living. It has changed how we live in the world that it has made. First from an agricultural society to an industrial society. What had come from industry is specialization and the standard work day. No longer were farmers the majority of the workers Many didn’t work from morning to night, instead getting paid for what they produced people got paid for how long they worked. With this new technology there were such creations as the television, weapons of mass destruction, and eventually the computer. Now we have come from a society that produces things to a society that produces thoughts. Through technology of life styles have changed and will continue to change.
Modernity is the process of change through out history. It how and why we as a society change. It is also how and why things progress, discovery effects us, and new ideas are born throughout history. Modernity is why we are effected by these changes. It is also these changes through out history that allow us to live in a post modern society. Modernity is the process and act of change through out history.

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