The University of Milan Philosophical Discussion

For this forum, you will be yourself. However, pretend that you are a friend of Antoine Roquentin’s and he has come to you for advice. He has tried to explain the feeling of nausea to you and has described a typical day in his life. Now, he is asking you for some wisdom regarding how he can improve himself and his life.

1. You will respond to your character portrayal last week. Copy and Paste your discussion post from last week in this forum.

2. Your response should be a minimum of 300 words.

3. Make sure and refer to parts of the book as well as what he has told you. Your wisdom should at least in part come form pointing out things in the book that might not have been noticed by him. You are allowed to have your own perspective on what would be best for him, of course. Just make sure that you incorporate aspects of the book in your response.

Discussion Rubric
Following Directions
The directions for the assignment are not followed in all
or almost all places.
1 points
Directions are followed for the most part but aspects
are missing. For instance, the word count is not
2 points
All directions for the assignment are followed.
3 points
Quality of Writing
The post is free of grammatical errors and spelling
3 points
Assignment is sloppy. The grammatical problems and/or There are some grammatical errors and spelling
spelling issues are so numerous that it detracts from mistakes but not enough to detract from the meaning
the assignment.
of the post.
1 points
2 points
There are no interesting creative details that make the There are some creative details that make things
assignment worthwhile. For instance, characterization is interesting and the assignment more worthwhile. There
is an attempt to get into the assignment and make a
1 points
2 points
Creativity With
The creative part of the assignment is truly embraced.
There is detailed characterization and the student really
gets into the assignment.
3 points
Utilization of Class
There is no reference to class material. The assignment
is tangential and seems to have little to do with class
material at all.
4 points
Class material is used to make points but it could be
used more thoroughly. No quotation used, for instance.
6 points
Class material is used on a number of occasions to
illustrate points and a quotation is used and explained.
8 points
Comprehension of
Ideas from the class material do not seem to be
properly understood in most cases where they are
4 points
Ideas from the class material are understood for the
most part but not thoroughly. Part of what is said about
them is right but part is not.
6 points
Ideas from the class material are understood and what
is said about them is right.
8 points

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