Thomas Edison State University Perspectives of Abnormal Psychology Discussion

For this you will need to watch a movie, interesting right!Locate and take a look at the Movie “As Good
with Obsessive compulsive Disorder (OCD)
As it gets” (Jack Nickelson plays Melvin who is the Character
Now, to frame the context, consider the five perspectives of abnormal psychology (biological, psychodynamic,
humanistic, cognitive behavioral, and sociocultural) and their treatment methods. Which of the five abnormal
psychological perspectives best addresses the type of abnormal behavior exhibited by the character? In addition,
address the following:
Explain how therapists in each of the five perspectives would treat the character(s).
Describe which perspective you feel is the best. Justify your choice based on scholarly research.
Include a minimum of five references (scholarly). I must be able to open, read, and locate them. Absolutely no
plagiarism, it will be checked!

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