What tools are there to measure the effectiveness of a social media campaign? Which, in your opinion, are the best and why? These are five tools to measure our social media marketing effectiveness: Page Rank Checker Using a quick online form, this site enables us to instantly check our websites current Google page rank from O to 10. Our site’s page rank is determined by a Google algorithm analyzing various elements of our website, and then comparing them to competitor sites. Hoot Suite Hoot Suite is probably best known for its social media communications dashboard LOL, but it also offers a suite of analytical applications as well.
With Hoot Suite, we can track brand mentions, analyze our social media traffic, and track the growth of our followers. Google Analytics and Backbone Insights can also be integrated into our Hoot Suite account, making the service even more valuable. Clout Another social media analytics tool, Clout provides a measurement of our influences across social networks. The guts of Clout is the Clout score which takes into account our network size, content, and how people interact with our online content. Clout cores range from O to 100, with 20 being the average.
Google Analytics One of the most widely used web analytics application, Google Analytics is as robust as it is popular. Analytical tools include advertising ROI, e-commerce tracking, social network application tracking useful to analyze both website traffic, but also marketing effectiveness. A particularly useful feature is website referral traffic, which tells us where visitors came from before they visited our site. Backbone Insights Similar to Google Analytics, but for Backbone. Backbone Insights enables us to reawaken our “likes” by demographics and other attributes.

It includes a plethora of handy statistics, like page views, performance of posts, inscribes information, and more. Backbone page administrators can access Backbone Insights on the left hand side bar. In my opinion we need all tools to be able to have a clear picture of all our social media marketing success but we may chose page rank checker to see where we are comparing to our competitors.

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