TWU Civic Engagement Activity Online Political Participation Question

Political Participation or civic engagement activity online

This can be attending any type of civic engagement around politics. This includes but is not limited to attending a board meeting, council meeting, political rally, campaigning for a candidate, public meeting about any community issue such as tax increases, etc. I will provide several ideas, and you are welcome to present an idea to me for approval. You can attend the event in person or online.

You will attend the event. Get a copy of the minutes, flier, etc. of the event. You will write a paper with a minimum of 800 words about your experience. Begin the paper with a solid introductory paragraph providing an overview of your paper. Then, you will summarize the topics covered in the event and or meeting in your own words. This should be a solid paragraph or two. Then you will provide an analysis of the participation. This should be a solid paragraph or two as well. You will then end the paper with a solid conclusion paragraph. Make sure to take into consideration that your summary and analysis are weighted the same and are the bulk of the paper so make sure that you do not have a paper that is primarily summary and no real analysis. The analysis should be your observations, opinions, and take away from the overall meeting.

Your papers need to be double-spaced and you should use a 12-point font.

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