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Graduate Project Review – Review at least two other student’s Graduate Project recordingsand respond to the following questions:1. What are the essential concepts you have learned from the student’s Graduate ProjectReview? Take this as an opportunity to reflect upon your perceptions about EmergingIssues in HRT.2. What are the organizational best practices you have learned in the Graduate Project?What are the methods you will encourage your company to utilize? Why? Onboarding Displaced Healthcare Professionals Using Assessment
Course Name

Onboarding relates to the enabling of the new employees to settle on
their roles.

Tit is the role of the human resource in healthcare to ensure that the
displaced employees are adjusting to the new environment (Baker &
DiPiro, 2019).

The new healthcare workers are taken through the rules and regulations of
the organization.

The aim is to ensure that there is a smooth transition at the workplace.
Literature Review

The comprehensive programs in onboarding vary from one
organization to the other.

Some organizations embrace the use of training for all the new
displaced employees.

Others apply on the job training and the use of human resource

Other allow the new hires to experience the field and coordination
the programs from a central point (Dorn, 2018).
Literature Review Cont’d

According to Jeffery, Jarvis & Word-Allen (2018) the approaches
used can be unstructured or structured.

The aim is to increase the performance of the new employees.

With the unstructured onboarding, the employee is on boarded
without a specific plan.

In the structured process, there are rules and policies in the
onboarding process.
Literature Review Cont’d

The use of interviews is appropriate in the onboarding process.

There is identification of the expectation of the displaced health
workers on the new environment (Jeffery, Jarvis & Word-Allen,

The interviews help in briefing of the employees on the operations
of the organization.

Their roles are defined in increasing the organization efficiency.
Literature Review Cont’d

Dorn (2018) states that the onboarding process focuses on the
compliance process.

It means that there is regulation of the process ensuring that the
hospital standards are met.

It helps in following of the structured approach where the right on
boarding procedures are followed

It ensures that there is reduction of the lawsuits that the hospital
might face where the onboarding process is not done correctly.
Literature Review Cont’d

The other variable that the human resource consider in the on
boarding process is the organizational culture.

Dorn (2018) states that culture entails making sure that the new
health workers understand the norms of the institution.

As such there is creation of a connection that enables their settling

It also helps in the improvement of the roles and procedures in the
process of onboarding.
Literature Review Cont’d

Research shows that there are different levers in the roles of the
employees and this is guided by the social environment.

Self efficacy is a level that guides the confidence of the employees once
the onboarding process is done successfully (Baker & DiPiro, 2019).

Their integration in the organization is a level that shows that the process
was a success as they have insider information on the operations of the

Clarity on their new roles also points to the success of the process.
Limitations of the Studies

One of the limitation of the study is the lack of consistency.

inconsistency occurs where the backgrounds in the displacement
are different.

It affects the onboarding process as there is no coordination.

As such it creates the need to assess a neutral point in the
onboarding process (Baker & DiPiro, 2019).
Limitations of the Studies Cont’d

Another limitation is the expectations of the new employees..

It affects the process where their expectations are no met reducing
their morale.

The experiences of the new hires determine how well they are
assimilated in the organization (Jeffery, Jarvis & Word-Allen, 2018)

It leads to the focus on the specific areas that affect the onboarding

One of the suggestion is the structuring of the process.

The lack of structure affects the process of decision making in the
onboarding process.

The structuring should be in line with the vision and mission of the
organization (Jeffery, Jarvis & Word-Allen, 2018)

It helps in ensuring employees are comfortable in their roles.
Suggestions Cont’d

In focusing on the efficiency of the onboarding tools applied.
Surveys will be used to understand the comfort levels of the

Surveys help in increasing the truthfulness of the employees as they
are done anonymously (Baker & DiPiro, 2019).

As such the human resource has the ability to understand on the
areas of improvement from the responses.

It also assists in enhancing relationships with the new hires.

As the suggestion entails the use of the surveys, in the
methodology, the surveys will be anonymous.

They will have ten questions on the various roles of the employees.

Structured and unstructured questions will be used in the surveys.

As such the organization will understand the perception of the
services and the employees transition process (Baker & DiPiro,

The onboarding process has an impact on the role performance of
the displaced health workers.

The process ensures that proper decision making process is applied
by the human resource department.

The use of interviews and surveys as assessment tools will allow
for the understanding of the fit of the employees in the organization
(Jeffery, Jarvis & Word-Allen, 2018)

The use of the tools create clarity for the management and human
resource on the assimilation of the new hires.

The onboarding process requires a structured approach.
It guides the improvement of the experience of the new employees.

It also helps the management in following the rules and regulations
of the institution.

It leads to increased productivity of the employees and reduces
attrition levels of the displaced workers (Jeffery, Jarvis & WordAllen, 2018)
Baker, B., & DiPiro, J. T. (2019). Evaluation of a structured onboarding process and
tool for faculty members in a school of pharmacy. American journal
pharmaceutical education, 83(6).
Dorn, J. (2018). Employers of excellence create positive environments to attract
and retain PAs. Journal of the American Academy of PAs, 31(10), 46. doi:
Jeffery, A. D., Jarvis, R. L., & Word-Allen, A. (2018). Staff Educator’s Guide to
Clinical Orientation: Onboarding Solutions fro Nurses. Sigma.

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