UBC Communications Discussion

each answer must be in own words and 1 or 2 paragraphs:

1. In class we discussed the three main characteristics of the Culture Industry. The third characteristic is: “Popular Culture can keep oppositional cultures at bay by incorporating resistance before it can find traction”. Explain what this means, and how it works, using an example from mass culture or pop culture to illustrate your point

2. In class, we discussed the importance of encoding and decoding. Explain polysemy, and how it impacts the negotiated decoding position. Give at least one example

3. In class and your readings we discussed Kingwell’s “8 Myths of Television”. In your answer 1) explain what Kingwell means by “Television is a Neutral Medium”, then 2) discuss how the myth has been changed due to technological convergence. (For example: has it been enhanced or demystified?).

4. In our discussion of Political Economy of Communications, we looked at three Canadian Laws aimed at balancing globalization and globalism. Explain how the Investment Canada Act relates to globalism.

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