UCLA Communication Research Process & Interviewer Questions

1) What role in the research process did you specifically fulfill? For instance, which of the four participants did you interview? What specific contributions did you make to the assembly of the final presentation? Do you feel that you played an equal part at each stage of the research process? Are there ways you could have been more responsive to group communications or accountable to your responsibilities?

2) How would you describe your experience as a research interviewer? What did you find challenging? What aspects were rewarding? Do you think the interview process illuminated certain aspects about fandom that could not have been revealed otherwise?

3) How would you describe your group’s process of conducting a collective analysis of data. I know you discuss this a bit in your presentation, but please provide a more detailed and personalized explanation here. Did your group encounter any internal disagreements about how to read the data, or did you have a specific take or reading that did not align with others’s takeaway from the interviews?

4) Would you say that everyone in your group played an equal part in the research process? Did everyone conduct their interviews and share their recordings in a timely manner? Did everyone fulfill other responsibilities and commitments as needed? Please explain in detail.

5) Overall, what did you personally learn from this research process?

From the data, I learned that although physical appearance is essential, it is not
the only thing that influences the success of K-pop artists. Success in the field
requires talent, personal skills, and professional skills. Fans may be attracted to
the physical attributes at first sight, but artists have to be talented and carry
themselves with the utmost professionalism to keep them. In today’s world,
audiences tend to prefer natural beauties. Social media has made the world a
small village, allowing people to interact with other people from different ethnic
backgrounds and geographical locations. This has made people appreciate
diversity and embrace people from different cultures. People appreciate these
natural distinctions and make them love specific artists. EXO, the best boy band,
is a South-Korean Chinese boy band based in SEO. The band was formed in
2011 by SM Entertainment. The band’s music, which mainly consists of pop and
hip-hop music, is written in Mandarin, Korean or Japanese. Forbes Korea Power
Celebrity ranked the band among the top five most influential celebrities between
2014 to 2018.
Appearance is the gateway to a person’s brand. Naturally, it is the first thing
someone sees. Therefore, it is commonly a basis for how people are judged.
Society needs to stop putting people under pressure concerning their physical
appearance and embrace the concept of inner beauty in a person more. People
have different reasons for choosing plastic surgery. Most of the time, people are
under pressure to seek perfection. It is natural for people with natural defects to
make changes, provided such procedures do not harm them physically. We
should embrace such people as well and not judge them harshly for their choices
on their bodies.

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