UCLA Four Thinkers Point Of View Questions

Consider the situation below from the point of view of Ellenson, Dorff, Plato, and Aristotle, for a total of four philosophers. In each case, Describe what you think would be the crucial components of the situation as the philosopher would see them and his goal in resolving the issue. Specifically,

  • What did the students do wrong, if anything, from each of the four thinkers’ point of view?
  • What do you think each philosopher would advise Mr. Brown to do in this case, and why? (There is not necessarily one right answer to this question for any one of the thinkers; just be sure to justify your answer on the basis of the philosopher’s theory.)

Mr. Brown teaches history to a group of high school seniors. Because he is short on class time, he gives the class a take-home midterm examination, including some factual questions and several essays. He tells them that the examination is being given on the honor system. He does not go into detail as to what the students may and may not do, assuming that since they are seniors, they should know that “on the honor system” means minimally that they are on their honor not to cheat. When he grades the examinations, however, he finds that several students have remarkably similar, wrong answers — in some cases throughout the 3xam, and in some cases exclusively on the essay questions.

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