UCSB Healthy Relationship with The Natural World Essay

Please submit in .docx or PDF format. LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTD

In the space of 3-3 1/2 pages (no more!) and with direct reference to course materials (My notes, the text, videos, etc.) please write on the following:

With reference to McDougall’s article “Spirited Away” and any other relevant course materials (you can also add an outside source of your choice if you want), please respond to the following: How does McDougall understand Heidegger’s loss of the “gods?” Do you think we have truly lost touch with the natural world through the proliferation of technology? If so, is there any way to restore a healthy relationship with the natural world? Make sure to explain your response.

Feel free to use either MLA or APA formats, but make sure to use one and cite your sources as well as make in text citations of course materials. If you need help with formatting, please see to following link.


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