UF Sociology Worksheet

Not Me, Not Mine (7:50)


How do children without functioning families manage in foster care? This selection explores how young adults reflect on their experiences in foster care.

  1. What unique challenges do people who grew up in foster care face?
  2. Why do you think so many former foster care participants become homeless?
  3. How do you think the aftermath of foster care can be improved?
  4. How does family disruption affect individuals? Communities? The state?

Between Two Worlds (3:44)


Traditional Judaism requires a person to be born to a Jewish mother to be considered a Jew. Declining birthrates have raised concerns among Jewish leaders.

  1. How are religion and the family intertwined as social institutions?
  2. How might a multifaith family’s experience differ from a family that shares religious beliefs and practices?
  3. Discuss the connection between child bearing, child rearing, and religion.
  4. How are family and religious affiliation connected with political power?
  5. How have social changes altered the relationship between family and religion?
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