UMD Correlations of Economics Stats Question


    It is thought that basketball teams that make too many fouls in a game tend to lose the game even if they otherwise play well. Let x be the number of fouls more than (i.e., over and above) the opposing team. Let y be the percentage of times the team with the larger number of fouls wins the game.x0456y48453326Create a scatter diagram ONLY – no line on this attachment. USE ATTACHED GRAPH . (if unable to use graph attached complete on graph paper and scan back to computer)basketball graph for file response question.pdf Attached Three options to complete graph:(1) print out graph and plot the data on the graph; scan back to your computer as a pdf (directions attached to make a pdf scan with cell phone); post to Blackboard using link with this question “Browse your Computer”. (2) open graph on your computer and use tools in your pdf program to plot the data; save to your computer and post back to Blackboard using link with this question.(3) purchase graph paper and copy scale for horizontal and vertical axes as shown on attachment; complete plotting dataDO NOT SUBMIT A GRAPH WITH A LINE ON IT FOR THE SCATTER DIAGRAM. do not submit a computer generated graph.


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