Unit 2 Forum
Forum Assignment: Communication in the Workplace
·       Communicate effectively and ethically in small groups
·       Collaborate to improve team writing
·       Communicate with intercultural audiences
·       Communicate with diverse populations
Forum 2:  Discuss and analyze a situation where you worked on a team/ project team consisting of diverse or intercultural team members
o   What were some good and/or poor examples of communication?
o   Discuss any examples or interpretation of cultural differences as described in Hoftstede’s Cultural Values chart on p. 46 of your text (i.e. individualism, time orientation, formality, etc.).
o   Is there anything that could have been done to make the communication more effective.
Post your answers to the Unit 2 Forum. Finally, be sure to comment on a post made by another student.Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, but I am looking for your analysis of your company’s methods and of your fellow students.
Your postings should be complete by next class.

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