University of California Irvine Sexual Fantasy App Discussion

This sextivity focuses primarily on sexual fantasies, sexual realities, and contemporary sexual relationships. The assignment involves two parts. Part I involves reflecting on and discussing a sexual fantasy. Part II requires you to “reimagine” digital dating in order to “realize” your sexual fantasy. You must complete both parts of the assignment for full credit.

Have fun with this sextivity. Don’t worry about writing a “perfect paper.” That isn’t the point of this assignment! However, make sure to write professionally and follow the prompt and formatting instructions.

Feel free to label your papers with “Part I” and “Part II”. Upload your assignment as one WORD or PDF document only. Make sure your papers are edited for grammatical/spelling errors, double-spaced, 12-point font, and have your name in the upper left corner of the first page. Papers will probably be between 5-8 pages (Parts I & II in total). If you write more, no worries. If you write less, you’re not writing enough!

Make sure to upload your Sextivity as either a WORD or PDF document. “PAGES” or “RTF” documents are unacceptable as Canvas cannot open them. If we cannot open your file, you will not receive credit. Make sure to turn in your assignment on the Canvas Discussion Section site.


“Engaging a Sexual Fantasy”

First, think about one of your favorite sexual fantasies.

Call to mind one of your favorite sexual fantasies. This could be a fantasy that you have simply thought about, one you use for masturbation or during a sexual experience, or one you wish to enact when you begin having sex with someone. It could be a recent fantasy, a recurring fantasy or one you had years ago. If you’ve never had a sexual fantasy, try to imagine one now! It can be simple, elaborate, specific, general, or romantic (if you self-identify as asexual).

Next, describe the sexual fantasy on paper.

Sit down and write out your entire sexual fantasy from beginning to end. You can write it like a story in first-person. Don’t worry; you won’t be turning this portion of the assignment in for credit. Be as specific and clear as possible with your fantasy.

Then, read aloud your sexual fantasy to another person.

When you are finished writing your sexual fantasy, read the entire fantasy you wrote about to another person. It can be ANYONE you choose. Someone you know, someone you don’t know, a lover/partner, a family member, a friend, a fellow student, a random acquaintance, whoever you wish! This might be uncomfortable. TRUST THE PROCESS. A little discomfort is quite normal – and often helps us learn more about the topic we’re studying. You can choose to read the fantasy out loud either in person, over the phone, or skype/facetime/zoom.

Finally, write about your fantasy reflecting, writing and sharing experience. (This is the only written portion of Part I you will turn in for credit).

When you are finished writing and verbally describing your sexual fantasy, answer the following questions:

  • What is the basic idea/premise of your fantasy? You do not need to submit what you wrote or describe it in great detail. Just a brief summary. Why did you choose that particular fantasy to write about?
  • What was it like writing out your entire fantasy on paper? Did you feel like you had to hide it? Censor it? Edit it?
  • To whom did you choose to read your fantasy aloud? Why did you choose that person? What did you say to the person before you read your fantasy aloud? After you read the fantasy?
  • What were the person’s reactions (verbal/non-verbal) to your fantasy?
  • What was it like to read your fantasy out loud to another person?
  • How did you read the fantasy (e.g. what voice did you use, intonation, volume)? Why do you think you read the fantasy the way to did to the person?
  • How do you think writing about your sexual fantasy and reading it aloud to another person impacts your sexual fluency, sexual literacy, and sexual agency?


“Reimagining Digital Dating”

While this week’s lecture focuses on fantasies, next week’s lecture is devoted to contemporary intimate relationships. Part II of this sextivity will get you thinking about these lectures and connecting the course content using critical, creative and applied thinking. It also focuses on interactive geosocial dating technology!

Over the past several decades, people have used newspapers, telephones, magazines, websites, and more recently hook-up/dating apps to meet partners for a wide range of sexual and/or romantic encounters. These have been especially useful for people to not only put their fantasies/desires out in the open, but also for others to respond and fulfill them. And with the advent of geosocial apps (those that allow you to “see” who is nearby thanks to GPS), it has become even easier to “find” potential partners who have similar interests/desires/fantasies.

First, design a dating/hook-up app that focuses on sexual fantasies. Maybe it focuses on a particular kind of sexual fantasy (such as the one you wrote about) or a fantasy genre or a particular group of people based on a social category (gender, sexual orientation, age, etc.). You might need to do some googling/searching to research what apps/sites are out there already. Use them as inspiration and create your very own app premise. Write down a short description of the overall premise of your dating/hook-up app as it pertains to fantasies and your design idea (e.g. who is the target audience, what are your ideas for it, what are the goals, what is the interface like (swiping, clicking, Facebook/Instagram linked, etc.) and how might users “use” it to realize their sexual fantasies?

Next, NAME your app and write a short (1-3 sentence) description to be used for marketing purposes on app stores. Please “BOLD” the name of your app when you introduce it in your paper. The description should be something short, catchy, and convey what the app is about (like other apps in the app store have for their descriptions).

Then, create a list of five key profile questions that users must answer to develop a user profile based on the fantasy you’re focusing on for the assignment. Make sure to tailor them to the sexual desires/fantasies aspect of your app. Avoid questions that ask about variables like age, gender, race/ethnicity, etc. The questions should instead reflect the fantasy aspect of your proposed app.

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