University of California Los Angeles Decisive Leadership Paper

As President of the United States, strong, exemplary, decisive leadership is always needed, even more so in the time of crisis or national emergency. The creation of our nation, the Civil War, the Great Depression, the use of atomic weapons to end a war, the Civil Rights movement stand out as examples of a crisis situation that, over a long period of time, had to be managed effectively.

Using what you have learned this semester and from reading Cohen, et al, select a President (see list below) and a moment in history – a crisis – that needed strong leadership and develop a paper that:

  • name the President and time in history;
  • defines the danger in terms of national and world security;
  • lay out the circumstances for the imminent threat in local, regional and national spheres;
  • describe – in detail – the actions of the President – what history tells us both the good and the not so good actions taken or not taken;
  • using the chapters from Cohen, expound on how the people, structures, organizations, working relationships, goals/strategies and communications forged the desired results;
  • make concrete recommendations (hindsight being 20/20) how you would have handled the situation, be it different or the same.
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