University of Central Florida Philosophy Les Miserables Film Analysis

In the story Les Miserables, the main characters Jean Valjean and Javert have very different perspectives. In fact, late in the story, Javert actually states his belief that the world cannot function with such extremes as Valjean and Javert.

For this written assignment, you will discuss the following questions after becoming familiar with the story Les Miserables. The story can be read, of course, if you have the time, but it is also available is several film versions (most notably and recommended is the 2012 version). Many people have also seen the stage version of Les Miserables’ in the famous musical. This assignment can be completed as long as you are familiar with the story.

Choose one of the following examples of perception differences to assess:

  • Valjean vs. Javert
  • The Priest vs. the World
  • Factory ladies vs. Fantine vs. the Boss
  • Thenardiers vs. Valjean
  • The “poor” (including Gavroche and Eponine) vs. the “rich”

In 2-3 pages, write about the different perspectives of your chosen characters on the following themes:

  • Crime
  • Punishment
  • Redemption/Forgiveness/Grace

Use the following questions to guide your writing:

  • What was each of their perspectives and how did that influence their behavior/choices?
  • Did an understanding of the others’ perspective influence anyone’s behavior?
  • Would it have made a difference if they had done some perception checking? How?
  • For one of the characters you assessed, describe him/her/them further using the Influences on Perception listed on pages 112-119.
  • Use information from your textbook and Les Miserables to illustrate your knowledge of perspective.

Write your paper in Microsoft Word and format it according to APA standards. Please review the Guidelines for APA Style. Submit by the posted due date.

Click on the Session 2 Written Assignment Les MIserables link to submit your assignment by the posted due date. Review the rubric available in Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria.

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