University of Central Florida Statuses and Roles Activity Question

Hello, you can find a Word file with all the question, all you need to do is fill ther blancks

Statuses and Roles Activity
We are all actors on the stage of life!

Examine the kinds of parts you play and how they change over time
Understand your statuses and the roles associated with them
(I) I am a ________________. (List five): Ex: gender, student, brother/sister, employee,
friend, a member of a certain religious or cultural group, etc.
I am a:
(II) Because I am a ____________ (choose one from above list), I also have to be a
_____________________________ (Do this for all five in Part I): Because I am a sister,
I also have to be a listener, chauffeur, babysitter, etc.
Because I am a _________, I must also be a:

The things that you said you were are your statuses
o A status is a social position
Usually we think of status as being positive, but statuses can also be negative
o Being a homeless person is a status just like being a millionaire
The duties, or roles, that go along with each status, were identified in the
second part of the exercise
o Status = a position

Group I

o Role = a set of behaviors
Group II
(III) Look back at your original list and mark the following:
o Ascribed status = star
o Achieved status = check
mark o Master status = circle
Along with every status come status symbols!
o Status symbol = an object that is representative of a status
o Ex: a briefcase is a status symbol of being in business, a minivan is a
status symbol of being a “soccer mom,” a white stand-up clerical
collar is a status symbol for Catholic priests, etc.
(IV) List 5 things (not attitudes or behaviors!) that are status symbols of being a college
College student status symbols:
Cultural Capital
o Characteristics that can be used to increase one’s economic standing, but are
not actually wealth
o (Think… How to act “rich”) – Provide three examples of cultural capital

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