University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Spanish Conquest to The Aztec Community Essay

1. History and myth frequently become intertwined
. The results of this can often be
devastating. This can occur when two distinct cultures collide. One example can be found in
the history of the Aztecs and the Spanish conquest
. Describe what happened. In particular,
name the myth and what occurred afterwards because the Aztec people believed in it.
Discuss other examples of history and myths becoming intertwined.

Heroes can often possess “bad attitudes.”
These heroes will often defy authority figures in the stories. Explain why independent thinking is an integral part of heroism. Discuss several
examples of such heroes in myths. Describe several in modern novels and movies.

Mythology pervade
s American culture today. C
ite examples as to how mythology influences
the media and pop culture. How is mythology reflected in video games? Explain with
several examples.

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