University of Kentucky Accounting Worksheet

PART1What does the Sarbanes Oxley Act 2002 require of corporate officers? Why is the act considered an
excellent example of public corporations meeting a key ethical standard? In addition, provide
examples of companies that were negatively affected by a lack of ethical guidelines.
– Your initial post must be more than 300 words and is due by Wednesday.
– Two scholarly resources, referenced at the bottom of your post with APA style.
– Respond to TWO of your classmates with substantial comments that work to encourage additional
discussion. (I will send the response once they post their response)
Q#1. Explain the following financial ratios provide about a firm:

Quick Ratio
Cash Ratio
Capital intensity ratio
Total asset turnover
Equity multiplier
Times interest earned ratio
Profit margin
Return on assets
Return on equity
Price-earning ratios
Q#2. Financial Statement Analysis:
– Q#1. You are examining the common- size income statements for a company for the past five years
and have noticed that the costs of goods as a percentage of sales has been increasing steadily. At
the same time, EBIT as a percentage of sales that has been decreasing. What might account for the
trends in theses ratios?
– Q#2. In the previous question, what actions might managers take to improve these ratios?
Q#3. Why is the Dupont identity a valuable tool for analyzing the performance of a firm?
Discuss the types of information it reveals as compared to ROE considered by itself.
Assignment Requirement:
Please write a in APA Style answering all questions, and include at least 2 reputable sources.
Paraphrasing of content – Demonstrate that you understand the case by summarizing the case in
your own words. Direct quotes should be used minimally.

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