University of Maryland Global Campus Psychology Project Plan

research a social issue from the list below. Consider that one of the learning goals is for you to draw from theories, and concepts from two of the social science disciplines we are studying in class. The final project requires a strong argument showing the increased power of interdisciplinarity when combining two social science disciplines rather than using just one. You will draw from the course readings and outside research (see annotated bibliography assignment in Week #4). But all of that will come after you choose your topic. For this assignment, carefully follow the instructions below

Project Plan Requirements

Select a social issue from the list below that has particular interest to you

Causes and Effects of Overturning Roe v Wade in 2022

The Rise of Mass shootings in America 2012-2022

COVID and Supply Chain Disruptions 2020-2022 and Beyond

Obesity & Body Shaming

These are very broad topic areas. You should narrow your choice down to a more specific issue within the topic. This will make it easier for you to really focus in on a manageable problem in your research. It also will make it clear which disciplines to use. For example, obesity and body-shaming might focus on adolescent girls. Sociology explores obesity in American society (you also could bring in economics as eating healthy differs by social class). Sociology also addresses bullying in school. Psychology is best used to understand body image, especially among teens.

Once you have selected your topic, write up a 500-word project plan with citations and references in APA.

–Begin this assignment by identifying the topic you chose.

–Explain (using the readings from Week #1) why your topic is best understood using social science research.

–Include some preliminary discussion of the specific issues relevant to your topic and those you plan to focus on in your final project.

–Next, identify the two social science disciplines you will use to examine your issue.

–Explain why you choose these two disciplines

What is social science? – UKRI

An Animated Introduction to Social Science – YouTube

Integrating social sciences and humanities in interdisciplinary research | Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (

Interdisciplinary Research and Impact – PMC (

Week 1 Learning Resources APA Citations
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Week 2 Learning Resources APA Citations
Crash Course. (2017, March 13). What is sociology: Crash course sociology #1 [Video]. YouTube.

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Laubepin, F. (2013). How to read (and understand) a social science journal article. ICPSR.

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