University of Maryland Washington Communications Essay

My Revised Persuasive speech is: Student loans should be forgiven. My main focus is on: Why student loans should be forgiven. I need help with my revised persuasive speech worksheet. My audience is my classmates. So, have this in mind please for the first question. Also, this is a persuasive speech not informative. So, please make sure you work accordingly. The objective needs to be persuasive. Not informative. I’ve attached the worksheet pages in here. Please take a look at it and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much.!

PRESENTATION: Revised Persuasive Speech
Who is your new target audience? What do you know about them?
How does this change your speech?
What will they LIKE about your idea, or what might they HOPE would happen as a result?
What will they NOT LIKE about your idea, or FEAR will happen as a result?
Personal Goal:
(What do you want to work on? Ex. Eye contact, gestures, vocal variety, etc.)
How will you achieve this goal (be more specific than just practicing)?
(State in one sentence)
Tactics to Achieve Objective:
(2-3, active verbs)
How has the counter argument changed with the new target audience?
What statistic, story, prop, image, participation, etc can I use to actively engage the audience
the most at the top of my speech (Brainstorm an idea for each and then decide which one is
the most engaging! Mark which one you will use with a STAR)
Fact or Stat:
What are your Main Ideas/Points? You must have at least 2 sub points per main point.
Main Point 1:
Sub Points:
Main Point 2:
Sub Points:
Main Point 3:
Sub Points:
Main Point 4:
Sub Points:
Main Point 5:
Sub Points:
Transition to Conclusion:
CALL TO ACTION (what are you asking the audience to do?):
What changes did you make to your visual aid and why?
MLA format, at least three (3) scholarly sources.

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