University of Nevada Las Vegas Intentions of the Title IX Policy Essay

Undergraduate Students (429) only: Policy ResearchPaper (30 points): A 4-page (minimum, not counting cover
and reference pages) paper summarizing a sexuality
education policy that has been enacted at a State or Federal
level. Illustrate the intention of the policy and any notable
impacts of its enactment. Examples: Title X, Title IX,
Abstinence only programs, Nevada sex education guidelines.
SIECUS has quite a few suggestions on their pages, and is a
good starting point (see the info on the top of page two, in
this syllabus). Extra points given for finding policies that
impact many people and their sexuality, but are not
discussed in this class. As always, follow the writing
guidelines, and be certain to use APA formatting and
citations. This is a research paper, so points WILL be
deducted for formatting, style, citation, and writing errors.

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