University of Phoenix Problem of Species Extinction Science Discussion

1.   Explain the problem of species extinction, its relationship to biodiversity, and why we should be concerned.

2.   Discuss factors that affect species extinction. Include: climate change, loss of habitat; human population and consumption; culturally-motivated practices; illegal wildlife trade

Asia’s Biodiversity vanishing into the Marketplace (Science Daily, February 2004)…

Rarest of the rare

(Science Daily, April 2010)…

Biodiversity loss raises risk of ‘extinction cascades’ (University of Exeter, 2018)……

Ancient die-off greater than the dinosaur extinction

(Science Daily, 2019)…

Nearly one in four of world’s mammals at risk of disappearing forever (Science Daily, October 2008)…

Climate change disrupts local plant diversity, study reveals (Science Daily, 2019)…

Catharine Grant, Eating Endangered Animals (New Internationalist, April 2011)…

Ross Crockford, Bad Medicine (New Internationalist, March 1997)

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