University of Phoenix The Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971 Essay

Summative Assessment: Ethics Paper

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In our workplace, we may be asked to evaluate the effectiveness of a change in procedure as it affects quality of life for employees or their productivity. Some procedures may involve risks to individuals who are affected by the change; however, the potential risks might not be fully known until the study or changes are already underway. Throughout history, psychological research has been conducted in a similar way. Although interesting and important information has been obtained from these psychological studies, individual rights or safety may have been compromised.This assignment invites you to explore the ethics of psychological studies gone wrong that have posed a risk to their participants; however, the studies were so influential that we still reflect on them today and recognize how their mistakes shaped improvements in the field as a whole. Understanding the ethical dilemmas from these studies gives us an opportunity to learn from those mistakes. As modern researchers, we can also reflect on factors that should be considered as we embark on our own independent research studies, whether they are small-scale observations or surveys or large-scale grant-funded experimental research. Regardless of the level of research or type of study, ethics should be prioritized.Select a historical psychological study that violated current ethical guidelines related to research in psychology (e.g., the Milgram Experiment or the Stanford Prison Experiment).Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you:

Describe the study.

  • Describe the ethical consideration(s) involved in the study, being sure to integrate information from the APA Ethics Code (i.e., the Principles AND specific Codes/Guidelines related to Psychological research).
  • Give your opinion regarding whether the benefits outweighed the risks in the study. Explain your rationale.

    Summarize how the ethics code pertaining to psychological research was improved as a result of the study conducted.

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