University of Phoenix Utilitarianism Act Discussion

1- A) Original post: Imagine you are seeing that ‘a window glass is shattered by a stone’. Based on Kant’s epistemology, you have a sound knowledge of the external world. You have knowledge of the stone, the window glass, and the occurrence of shattering the window glass by the stone. You are correct to mention that the stone caused the shattering of the window glass. How do you explain the knowledge you have acquired from the occurrence (the stone, the window glass, and the occurrence of shattering the window glass by the stone ) based on Kant’s epistemology. In other words, using Kant’s epistemology, explain how your mind acquires knowledge of the stone, the window glass, and the causal relationship here. (3 Marks).

2- The movie ‘Platoon’ was directed by Oliver stone an American film director and a veteran of the Vietnam War in 1986. At the core of the movie, there is an ethical dilemma. You solve the dilemma based on the theory of act utilitarianism.

A) Original post: Imagine you are an American soldier fighting in Vietnam (the Vietnam War) and your peers have participated in murders. If you report them, you might risk your life. Your peers might kill you. What would you do? Discuss your solution based on act utilitarianism. You need to clearly explain your decision based on the principle and concepts of act utilitarianism. That is, you need to take the approach of act utilitarianism to make your decision. (3 Marks)

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