University of South Florida Patient Monitoring System Implementation Memorandum

This will require statistical quality control knowledge.You have been selected as a consultant to help a small medical office improve theprocess of serving their patients. The medical office manager, Janet Smith, is veryinterested in implementing a monitoring system of the medical processes but she wantsyour input of what variables (if not clear please ask about variables) could beappropriate to monitor this process and what type of data she should gather.Your first assignment is to submit a report to the manager with your vision of thismonitoring system for the small medical office, what variables you would recommendinitially to monitor the system, and how they should collect the data to design themonitoring system for the continuous improvement of the clinic.Submit the report as a memo that you are sending to the office manager as theconsultant for the small medical office.You can find a sample memo in the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) website:…


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