University of the Pacific Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Presentation

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Does AI really speak our languageLinks to an external site.

? article.or this interactive assignment, you will create a presentation in which  you will debate the value of artificial intelligence in terms of health  care’s increasing reliance on artificial intelligence and its impact on  health and society.

DEBATE- You will argue that health care’s increasing reliance on artificial  intelligence will have a positive effect on health and society.

Using information from your sources to support your statements,  create a presentation in which you clearly state your assigned case for  or against artificial intelligence. At minimum, you must critically  address each of the following elements.

Explain how artificial intelligence is used in health care.

Analyze how artificial intelligence and related technologies are effecting change in health care.

Compare and contrast clinical decision support systems in terms of implementation of artificial intelligence.

Examine the legal and ethical considerations of the use of artificial intelligence in health care.


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