University of Washington Bothell Sociology Social Problems Reflection

Write a letter to your instructor in which you reflect on your learning this quarter. Begin by selecting two social problems we have studied in this course. Consider the ways in which these social problems intersect. Explain briefly how you understood these problems prior to taking this class. Then take a bit of time to examine how your understanding of these problems havechanged or evolved as a result of your learning. Support your reflections with evidence from the course materials.

1. Select two social problems we studied in the course to discuss (for example Poverty & Gender)

2. Briefly explain how you understood these social problems prior to taking the course. Also explain how, or if, you understood the ways in which these two problems mayintersect with each other.

3. Discuss the ways in which you have gained a deeper understanding, or new perspective of these problems and their connection to each other based on your learning.

4. Support your discussion though the use of evidence. In order to do this, you must include the following:

a. Two specific reference to the text (use to define the social problem). Be specific and include page numbers.

b. Two additional sources you listened to or viewed for the course. Be specific with your connections and provide the necessary

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