University of Winnipeg Teaching the Dinosaur to Dance Book Report

This is a book review assignment of Teaching the Dinosaur to Dance: Moving Beyond Business as Usual, this book is available on the Kindle app online. Write a review of this book as per moral issues in business.

Students will write a 1000-1500-word review of Donna Kennedy-Glans (2022), Teaching the Dinosaur toDance: Moving Beyond Business as Usuala) Any references to outside sources (though not required!) must be properly cited using anacceptable reference notation style (such as Chicago or APA). Students are free to choose anysuch style – but must stick to it and state which one you chose on the title page, along with thetotal word count.b) The review must be properly word-processed and submitted on-line through Nexus, in the properplace, as a PDF document through the dropbox on the Nexus course site. Essays that are not pdfsmust be resubmitted, and late penalties will apply.c) The review must begin with an introductory paragraph, laying out your initial, overall assessmentof the book. The point of a review is not just to offer your opinion of the book, but to persuadethe reader whether they should purchase and read it themselves. Whatever you think about it,outline your reasons at the start – this is the thesis of your argument.d) The second paragraph (no more than 150 words) must provide a summary of the contents of thewhole book and the overall argument that the author makes.e) Then, choose EITHER chapter 5 OR 6, and analyze/evaluate the specific argument offered there.Do you agree/disagree? Why/Why not?f) Finally, looking at the book as a whole, ar 

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