UNO Communications Porsche’s Supply Chain Issues Presentation

I need the Outline and reference list in 3 days

Topic: Porsche supply chain issues

Formal Report 8 to 10 pages PLUS Powerpoint slides (with notes under each slide so I know what to say)

Please write notes for the PPT slides


This assignments asks you to use the skills you’ve practiced through the semester to finalize your 8-10 page report. You will use your knowledge of the writing process, research integration, and business writing style to revise your report. As a reminder, you can review the full formal report assignment description overview here, to see where we are in the overall writing process.


Your Formal Report final draft must include the following sections:

Front Matter:

Prefatory sections (do not count towards page minimum; number prefatory pages in lowercase roman numerals, but do not place a number on your cover sheet)

A cover sheet (no page number)

A letter of transmittal (Links to an external site.) (ii)

An automatic table of contents (including a list of figures) (iii)

An executive summary (Links to an external site.) (iv)

Body Sections:

(8-10 pages single-spaced) these do count towards page minimum

An introduction

A background section

A discussion section

A conclusions section

A recommendations section

A References page

All of the body sections count towards your page range of 8-10 single-spaced pages. Your 3 half-page graphics should be included in the body section and do count towards your pages too.

End Matter:

Additionally, each student will prepare at least 1 appendix (Appendix A) that does not count towards your final page range. Appendices should be labeled as Appendix A, Appendix B, and so forth. You may number the appendix pages as you please.

Appendix A: Primary research details

Professional Interview

If you choose to interview a relevant person or expert, compose a document that contains the following details:

Name and position of person you intend to interview

Short explanation of why this person’s opinion is relevant to your report

A list of interview questions


If you choose to design and conduct a survey, compose a document that contains the following details:

Intended survey population (who will you distribute the survey to?)

Distribution method (how will you get this survey to the correct people?)

Survey tool you will use (will you use google forms, Qualtrics, or Survey Monkey?)

List of survey questions you plan to ask, with complete answer options provided

Formal Observation

If you choose to design and conduct a formal observation, compose a document that contains the following details:

What specific event or occurrence will you observe?

For how long will you observe this event or occurrence?

What type information will your observation allow you to gather?

How will you keep track of your observation notes?

G401: Demonstrate the ability to employ clear, concise and effective written communication skills.
Student: _______________________________________ Subject: __________________________________
Date: ____________________ Section:_______________ Evaluator: _______________________
0 to 9 points
10 to 17 points
18 to 20 points
Most assignment
Audience is clear. Most
Assignment includes all required components
requirements were not met,
requirements were met; report
(front matter, body, and appendices); report body
or significant requirements
is at least 5‑6 pages,
meets page requirement, single‑spaced; primary
were not satisfactorily
single‑spaced; some primary
and secondary sources used; audience is specific
completed. Report is less
and secondary sources were
and identifiable; report offers clear summary or
than 5 pages, single-spaced.
both used; each required body
recommendations and conclusions.
Audience is not identified or
section is attempted report
(introduction, background,
discussion, recommendations,
conclusions, references).
Use of Sources/
Evidence & APA Style
0 to 9 points
10 to 17 points
18 to 20 points
Significant issues with APA
Report attempts to incorporate
Report appropriately incorporates source
style and/or citations;
sources and evidence, but there
information and evidence with correctly formatted
references sheet is missing;
are mistakes with APA style or
APA citations. Sources are varied, credible, and
sources are not incorporated;
APA is not used.
primary research is no
Sources are credible and
included in any way.
relevant. Reference sheet is
Organization &
Writing Mechanics
(Grammar, style,
0 to 9 points
10 to 17 points
18 to 20 points
Report is not organized;
Report is somewhat organized;
Report is excellently organized and developed
sections do not use headings
headings/labels are used for
with clearly labeled sections and subsections.
at all; major sections are
readability; body of report
Sections logically flow from one to the next;
missing or ideas are not
includes main sections; report
writer has provided organizational
sufficiently developed.
may benefit from
clues/overviews. Body of paper includes
reorganization of some
appropriate content in Introduction, Background,
content; some major sections
Discussion, and Summary or Recommendations &
of the report need further
Conclusions, and a References section. Figures
are appropriately referred to and discussed.
0 to 9 points
10 to 17 points
18 to 20 points
Significant issues with
Report contains some
Report contains few, if any,
spelling, proofreading,
mechanics issues but they do
grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes;
concise style, etc.)
on; document not proofread
not interfere with overall
document has clearly been proofread; style is
or have careful attention to
readability; document could
concise and tone is appropriate for audience.
detail; style is not concise or
benefit from further
tone is inappropriate.
polishing/proofreading; style
and tone might falter at times
Document Formatting
0 to 9 points
10 to 17 points
18 to 20 points
Significant mistakes were
Serious attempts were made to
All or nearly all components are properly
made in formatting or
follow document formatting
formatted as covered in textbook; front matter is
document demonstrates
requirements, but some
paginated using roman numerals (i‑iv); body is
carelessness or a lack of
mistakes were made on
paginated using numbers 1‑10; page numbers are
attention to detail.
multiple components.
on bottom center of page; APA style headings are
used; figures are formatted according to APA
style. The document is delivered in ONE FILE.
For assessment writing objective, overall score is 90 and above this “Exceeds Expectations”
If any category is marked as “unacceptable”, this “Fails to Meet Expectations”
In other instances the writing “Meets Expectations”

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