?I have got a chance to visit court on 2, January 2014 with my group members Biagio Mauri for our law assignment. This is the first time of my life visiting to court and we went to magistrate court around 1pm. That court is located in 363 George Street Brisbane QLD 4001, opening and closing hours is 8:30-4:30. When we arrived infront of the court I feel alittle nervous because I have never been to any court. My group members asked me to turn off all of my electronic devices.
In entrance there are some sign of no food /drink and turn off electronic devices. I stepped into the entrance and the first thing I see is security woman with desk in front of the court. She was friendly and asked us to step back to x-ray machines which is use in airport or any other security check . Then she asked us to come one by one, so that my group member would go first and I was waiting him outside of the entrance. After she checked my group member’s bag with metal detectors as she asked me to come in and she did the same way.
After security check, we ahead to information counter and we saw some people were asking about the court room that related to their cases. So we qued for a little while and we got reach our trun. My group member requested to receptionist that we are student doing law assignment and which room we need to go. Then she said room 36 is just started and pointed us to get there. I felt so excited to get into the room as I saw auto double door to get into the room. I became noticed everyone is quiet and we took chair in last place.

Although I knew that I need to be quiet but my group member remind me to be quiet. After we sat down,I started to discover the circumstances. There were few people sitting with us. The name of the judge was Carmody T and he looked greate on his formal black suit with the white collar. His place was the highest positon of the room and he was sitting. At the second positon, I saw a typist women and she was typing about the case. At the last positon I saw one lawyer and one policeman who standing were had conversation with the judge.
I saw around 4 or 5 police infront of the 2 small glass room that they made with protective glass for protect people from the accuse abuse I guess. After I did sightseeing ,the first accuse was already got judgement . So I started focus on second accuse case and listened carefully. Before the accuse come, the lawer talked about the case. That case was nature of crime about theft case, the police woman took the accuse man from the door behind that glass room. The judge asked that accuse man that he feel gulity or not. He said he felt gulity so that judge continue ask about what he did steal.
He admited that he stolen $4658 cash from the high school. Finally the judge made the decision that he needed to give fine $2000 and sent to prison for 6 months. In conclusion, I got a lot of knowledges about the court by visiting magistrate court in brisbane Australia. I experienced about how the judge and lawyer analysis the case and the court procedure. When I left that room I did bow my head down as other people did. I realized how court is important for a countrty, if court does not exist we cannot exactly know what is justice.

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