Walden University Impact of Life Experiences on Development Paper

C6a WK10 Final Project layout Jan203 different assignments (two large papers, one small paper -all w APA). Please see below:
1. C6a COUN – 6215 Lifespan Development: Final Paper – Week 10: Impact of Life
Experiences, 7- to 9-page paper
2. C6b Multicultural Counseling – COUN_6723: – Multicultural Case Study: 2-page. Focus
on just one case study.
3. C6b Multicultural Counseling – COUN_6723: Week 10 Final Project: Cultural
Immersion Experience 4- to 6-page scholarly paper.
Lifespan Dev
Final Paper – Week 10
See instructions found in Week 1. Note that the template provided is required in the Week 1
Learning Resources.
The Impact of Life Experiences on Development
Complete a 7- to 9-page paper with the following criteria:
Choose four events from your life which you believe had a significant impact on your
development. There must be at least one event from childhood, one from adolescence,
and one from adulthood; the fourth event may be in any one of those three stages.
For each of the life events selected, do the following:

Describe the life event as age-graded, history-graded, or non-normative.
Explain how it was significant to your development and why, including how it
impacted or changed you cognitively, psychologically, and/or socially.
Explain how each event and its associated changes influenced your identity
development through your lifespan.
Support your statements with developmental theory and integration of
knowledge you gained throughout the course. This should include the text
resource and at least one additional peer-reviewed article for each event.
Remember this is not a narrative of your life, but rather an analysis of developmental
influences using yourself as the case study. Your introduction should include an
overview of the significance of life experiences on development; your conclusions
should include a brief recap of key points in your paper, and any new perspectives
gained from your analyses.
The Final Project will be evaluated according to the Final Project Rubric located in the
Course Information area. Be sure that the Final Project is written using APA format
and the final project template.
The Final Project is due Day 7 of Week 10. Please refer to the Final Project area in
Week 10 for submission details.
Final Project
The final project for this course is due Day 7 of Week 10. Final Project Guidelines and a Final
Project Template are included in the Learning Resources in Week 1. It is strongly suggested that
you review and save this information, and that you develop your project as you progress through
the course. Each week, you will see “Final Project: On Track” notations offering suggestions for
tracking your progress on the final project. You may also opt to submit an outline to your faculty
for review in Week 5 of the course.
C6b Multicultural Counseling – COUN_6723
Week9 Multicultural Counseling – Multicultural Case Study: Part Two
Assignment: Multicultural Case Study: Part
This week, you will interact with three case studies. The case studies include working within a
mental health counseling office with an individual client; a private practice office with a couple
or family; and in a school counseling setting. (Note: You will complete each case study but only
focus on one case study for the Activity.) As you meet your client, consider your own identity
and how your identity may impact the counseling relationship. Finally, consider the issue(s) the
client(s) brings to counseling, and explore multicultural counseling skills to work ethically and
effectively with your client(s).
Directions for Assignment:
The following interactive case study will assist you with using some of the knowledge and
awareness you have gained over the first 8 weeks of the course. Interact with the case studies and
analyze your culturally appropriate responses, especially recognizing your identity in comparison
to the client’s identity.
The interactive case studies provide you with options of how to interact and engage with the
client. You are encouraged to choose both options to understand why one option is more
culturally sensitive than the other option.
Throughout the case study, you will be asked a few questions. You will not be assessed on your
responses to the questions but, instead, are required to take time to thoughtfully answer each
question. You are able to revisit the case study as often as you like. Following the case study,
you will complete the Activity and Quiz.
By Day 7 of Week 9
Consider how the case studies, the Fourth Force: The Multicultural Counseling Session (2012),
and the readings in the Learning Resources have impacted your understanding of
operationalizing multicultural counseling.
Focus on just one case study. Then, write a 2-page APA paper including the following:

Identify at least one similarity and difference you have compared to the client(s) in the
case study. Reflect on how these similarities and differences might impact the counseling
Consider at least two multicultural concepts or counseling tools you learned from the
Learning Resources during Week 9. How does this concept or counseling tool impact
your multicultural competence?
C6b Multicultural Counseling – COUN_6723
C6b Week 10 Final Project: Cultural Immersion Experience
Review all of the required materials under Learning Resources. Review directions for the week’s
Assignment as well as for the entire module.
Part of your aspirational journey to continuing to expand upon your understanding of cultural
competence and humility is to immerse yourself in a culturally diverse experience, event, and/or
ceremony. Immersion provides us with the ability to step outside of our comfort zone and
become fully present and engaged with those who are unlike ourselves.
Directions for Assignment: (I’m going a “ride along” police patrol w the Tampa Police
Department. Just was waiting for my injury to heal up a bit. They’re going to take me
into all different areas (some not so nice areas). I can send you a bit more info once I do
this but I think you’ll have enough to work w for now.)
For the Cultural Immersion Experience Assignment, you are required to engage in a culturally
diverse experience, event, and/or ceremony for at least 90 minutes related to the following
topics: poverty, gender, sexual/affectional orientation, race/ethnicity, spirituality/religion,
advocacy, and/or social justice. You will have the option to attend an event (i.e., a religious
ceremony, volunteering at a shelter or soup kitchen). If you are unable to find an experience,
event, and/or ceremony, reach out to your Instructor by Week 5 for assistance with other options.
This activity is geared toward getting you out of your comfort zone and encouraging you to
engage in something different and new that may open your eyes to a cultural experience,
ceremony, or event that may help you become a more sensitive and culturally aware counselor.
Additionally, consider how this experience inspires you to consider advocating for social justice.
Events cannot be based on personal group engagement/involvement or personal family or
connection. After you attend the cultural immersion event, you will write a 4- to 6-page scholarly
Papers also must include a minimum of four (4) scholarly research articles to illustrate points.
Additional resources are welcome but do not count towards your minimum of four scholarly
articles. Two of your resources may come from the Learning Resources provided in the class but
at least two must be found independently from the Walden Library.
All papers must be written according to the American Psychological Association’s (APA)
Publication Manual (i.e., proper title page, 12-font, double spaced, page numbers, headings,
conclusion section, properly formatted Reference page, date, and time the event took place,
By Day 5 of Week 10
Write a paper that contains the following using in-depth, self-reflective responses:

Description of the experience, event, ceremony, etc.
Why did you choose this experience? How has this experience impacted you
Describe at least two ways in which this experience has impacted your ability to
encompass cultural competence in counseling.
Discuss at least two ways in how this experience changed your worldview related to
oppression, discrimination, power, or privilege.
Discuss how you could infuse social justice advocacy in your work as a counselor, based
on your cultural immersion experience. Consider advocacy based on the environment you
plan to work in (i.e., community mental health, school, private practice, etc.). For
example, if you chose to attend a LGBTQ+ Pride Festival and you are a school counselor,
you might consider starting a Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) or a Sexuality and
Gender Alliance (SAGA) at the school you work for. Or, if you chose to volunteer at a
homeless shelter and are a mental health counselor, you might consider advocating for
low-income housing.

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