What percentage of new Jobs requires postsecondary education? Nearly two-thirds of Jobs require postsecondary education. 7. Are communication skills acquired by nature or by nurture? Explain. Nurture. No one is born with perfect communication skills It’s something that can be perfected with effort such as effective listening skills, and the process of bettering these skills Is ongoing and can only Improve. 8. List seven trends In the workplace that affect business communicators. Be prepared to discuss how they might affect you in your true career.
Flattened management hierarchy, more participatory management, increased emphasis on self-directed work groups and virtual teams, heightened global competition, Innovative communication technologies, new work environments and Focus on Information and knowledge as corporate assets.. 9. Give a brief definition of the following words: A. Encode- put message into coded form B. Channel- directs towards a particular end or object C. Decode- to convert from code or plain text 10. List 11 techniques for improving your listening skills. Be prepared to discuss each.
Stop talking, Control your surroundings, Establish a receptive mind-set, Keep an open mind, Listen for mall points, Capitalize on lag time, Listen between the lines, Judge Ideas. Not appearances. Hold your fire, Take selective notes, Provide feedback. 1 1 . When verbal and nonverbal messages conflict, which are receivers more likely to believe? Give an Original example. Well it depends on the message being relayed. If so-in-so said something like “l found a thousand dollars on the ground” and you look at his friend who rolls his eyes and shakes his head meaning that he’s lien or exaggerating I’m more like to believe that person.

But this could also work both ways. I think It depends on what’s being said. 12. Would your culture be classified as high- or low-context? Why? Low because Americans rely on facts, data and logic. We also value independence, Imitative and self-assertion. 13. What is ethnocentrism, and how can it be reduced? The belief in the superiority of one’s own culture is known as ethnocentrism. This natural attitude is found in all cultures. Ethnocentrism causes us to Judge others by our own values.
In these cultures, however, personal relationships must be established and nurtured before earnest talks may proceed. 14. List seven or more suggestions for enhancing comprehension when you are talking with nonnative Speakers of English. Be prepared to discuss each. Use simple English, Speak slowly and enunciate clearly, Encourage accurate feedback, Check frequently for comprehension, Observe eye messages, Accept blame, Listen without interrupting. 15. List five suggestions for Improving communication among diverse workplace audiences. Be prepared To discuss each. Understand the value I similarity.

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