West Spring Secondary School Food Poisoning Reseach Proposal

You are the researcher and are tasked to do a research proposal.


Food security is achieved, based on food access, food stability, food utilisation, and, most importantly, its preservation to avoid further contamination. The potential of plant-based antifungals against Gram-positive and Gram-negative fungi is being actively investigated in various laboratories across the world.

Description of Experiment

You want to conduct a research project to investigate the in vitro antifungal activity of some plant-based preservatives against highly susceptible strains of foodborne pathogenic fungi. You will first obtain samples of different plants and do a solvent extraction to get the extracts. Then you will prepare plates of agar and fungal culture, and drop various concentrations of different types of extracts into the plate. You will then investigate how many colonies will grow after 48 hours.

Based on the description above, answer the following questions in your words as far as possible:

  • State a hypothesis for your research proposal.
  • Prepare a detailed project timeline that you want to include in the research proposal.
  • Prepare a detailed budget for the research proposal
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