Thesis: Elizabeth Johnson wrote the book “Consider Jesus Waves of Renewal in Christology” because she wanted to present the changes happening in Christology. Elizabeth Johnson’s book, Consider Jesus: Waves of Renewal in Christology book is ordered according to various “waves” in 20th century Catholic Christology, using these movements as starting points to discuss various areas of historical theology as well. This is based on an historical overview that interprets the history of Catholic Christology as that of a living tradition, always developing in new directions.
Chapter six, on liberation Christology, Johnson uses this opportunity to portray the “either-or” aspect of the person of Jesus, making it clear that the historical Jesus was neither merely a wise sage nor merely a god in heaven . When it comes to the situation of the poor, she says, “neutrality is not possible” (94), particularly since Jesus is the liberator of the poor, as he said when he began his ministry.
Johnson goes into the area of theology on which she has had the most influence, feminist theology In addition, she points out that during Jesus’ ministry, especially during the crucifixion and resurrection, women acted as faithful apostles in ways that men often did not. In her preface she states “the purpose was to present the fundamental rethinking taking place in Christology to persons who are actively involved in ministries in the church or who are seeking greater understanding of their faith. ” based on this statement I think her purpose for writing this book is to help give believers an open mind in the different areas of Christology.

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