Women in French Revolution Paper

In this class, we have been exploring the ways that anthropologists study human society, culture, and biology. In this analytical paper, you will pose an anthropological question that interests you and design a research project to answer that question. It can be as big or as small as you’d like — I’m not going to ask you to actually conduct the research project, so it doesn’t need to be something you can complete. Your paper must include:

A question or hypothesis about an anthropological phenomenon or pattern. This can be in any subfield of anthropology, or a combination of subfields. Here are some potential examples to get your creativity flowing:

What role did trade systems play in life at Poverty Point? (Archaeology)

Are there differences in the ways that men and women talk about cinema? (Linguistic)

How did robust and gracile australopithecine diets differ? (Biological)

How do women in rural France view their relationship to the state? (Cultural)

The location in which you propose to work (be specific)

The methods that you will use to address this question (e.g., participant observation, interviews, excavation, etc)

At least five key vocabulary words from either the lectures or the textbook (these should be highlighted, underlined, or in bold in the essay)

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