WVCTI Social movement Russia Invasion of Ukraine Paper

Podcasting is a genre that tends to produce pieces with a great deal of depth as the hosts delve explore many different aspects of a single interesting subject.

Your task for the short response assignments will instead be a space for you to reflect as deeply as you can about anything related to collective behavior and social movements.

You might reflect on the definition of a “social movement” and bring in things you have observed in your personal life.

You might write a couple of pages about a specific social movement like the Youth Anti Gun Violence movement you are reading about this week.

There is almost no level of detail that would be inappropriate because remember you are acting as a participant observer.

On the other hand, an unsuccessful short memo would be one where you attempted to cover too many topics with insufficient detail.

Writing a memo should feel more like a free-writing assignment where the goal is to get your thoughts flowing than like a formal essay or research paper.

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