The biggest con would be that It goes Into a lot of unneeded Information when considering my audience Is nursing students. There is a lot of Information that nurses don’t necessarily need to know. Imperativeness. (2014, January 3). Oxygenation of the Respiratory System for Nursing [Video file]. Retrieved from http://move. Youth. Com/watch? F92503sXnOLM The videos from this particular user are great for nursing students because this guy is a nursing student. Martin Rexes, the user who uploaded the video, apparently sakes these videos, speaking about what he learned in nursing school that day along with tips on studying.
For the nursing student this is great and helpful for studying. They video is short, easy to understand, and summarizes the oxygenation lecture for a nursing school class. The cons are that It Is rather boring, It may be difficult to rely on Information on a subject from an Inexperienced nursing student, and while It summarizes oxygenation very well, it doesn’t go into very much depth. Sinking, S. (2014, January 3). U School of Nursing Oxygenation Song [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www. Youth. Mom/watch? FzHatR96cBxw I have a soft spot for these videos that use a song for teaching purposes.
We know that every student learns In different ways so by presenting a video using a song to help remember important parts of oxygenation or any other topic is great. They cover important parts about oxygenation with a catchy tune which can help students learn or remember these parts better. It’s a fun video so it is a sort of way to take a break while still learning. The cons are that it is really a very poorly made video as far as production value goes. At times it is difficult to hear the song and it is, obviously, a I felt that the first video, from abracadabra, was the best video considering my audience.

Yes, it is lengthy, but it is so thorough and tells the viewer everything that they need to know about oxygenation. I felt that the speaker in the video did a great job with visuals as he discussed the information in a clear and concise way. Chapter 41 – Fluid and Electrolytes Youth videos Monoclinic, M. (2014, January 3). Fluid & Electrolyte Basics [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www. Youth. Com/watch? V=subdividing Without a doubt, Megan Monoclinic, the person that uploaded this video has done a antistatic Job here. The video is specifically geared to review the basics of fluid and electrolytes for nursing students.
Liners, M. (2014, January 3). Electrolyte Magnesium (Hypo & Hyper) [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www. Youth. Com/watch? V=Japanned As far as content goes for this particular video it isn’t the best choice because it only talks about a short topic pertaining to fluid and electrolytes. I chose this video though because of the creator of the video, Michael Liners. He creates videos for nursing students about everything that we need to know to be nurses. The pros are that Michael Liners clearly and easily discusses topics that make it easy to understand, Mr..
Liners specifically created these videos for nursing students, and it’s a fun video, I thought that the use of humor and analogies were great. The cons are that, as I fluid and electrolytes. The production value of the video is pretty poor and it’s difficult to hear the speaker at times. My favorite video was the near comprehensive one by Megan Monoclinic. The fact that is specifically made to help nursing students understand everything they can about fluid and electrolytes is reason enough to consider it the best of the three, but t is Just really well made and thorough in content.
Youth videos as study tools I have found that Youth videos are great for study tools and knowledge generators. As nursing students there are so much material that we much digest and memorize at times. As I mentioned earlier, everyone learns in different styles and it seems that Youth has a video for people who have any of the many different learning styles. As supplemental material these Youth videos are best used. Most of the videos aren’t meant to be used as a way to learn everything there is to know bout a certain topic, but to give a person a baseline on a topic of interest.
I couldn’t think of many cons to using Youth as a study tool. I believe that if something can help you than you should use it. If there is any argument against using Youth as a study tool it’s that there isn’t anyone to check information to see if it is correct. Anyone can upload a video about anything, spout nonsense and inaccurate information and no one would know. So, as supplemental material to what your teacher is telling you in class these videos can be beneficial, but not as a main source of knowledge.

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